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Large or Small we do it all . . . .

Canadian Wetlands offer all types of ECO_FRIENDLY services from Engineering the most complex building in Vancouver, to designing the simplest 10 LOT SUBDIVISION in the Canadian outback. We can handle the complete high rise building design or a wastewater treatment system for a city of 100,000 people. 

Our SPECIALTY is Rural and Suburban planning and pride our selves in overcoming the complications of fringe developments. These type of Developments as challenge by the fact the there are two or more Municipal Entities the hold the power of approval.

30 years ago we started as a small Sewer Treatment Engineering & Installation company, and to this day haven't forgotten our roots. We still have a top notch Design & Installation Crew available for all you wastewater needs. Other companies in our position might of sold this division of, but our company feels committed to improving the deteriorating wastewater industry.
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